Greg Orman for U.S. Senate

GregOrmanLogo-CMYKIf you haven’t checked the Women for Kansas website lately, you may be surprised to discover that in addition to endorsing Davis-Docking and Jean Schodorf, we recently endorsed Greg Orman, Independent candidate for U.S. Senate.

Sixteen months ago, when the roots of this convention were beginning to sprout and the mission statement was being written and re-thought, Orman wasn’t under consideration because he wasn’t a candidate. None of us knew that 14 months later, Pat Roberts would have viable opposition. Our first inkling appeared in June, two months ago, with this Eagle headline: “Olathe businessman Greg Orman wants to run for Pat Roberts’ U.S. Senate Seat.”

That’s when it was determined that it would be in our best interests, i.e., in the state’s best interests, to broaden our endorsements to include a federal candidate who, unlike Roberts, would vote on behalf of Kansas rather than himself. (Remember when the extreme right influenced Roberts to block the appointment of Steve Six, Kansas’ own highly respected Attorney General, to the 10th Circuit Court? Roberts’ reason: Six failed to see any Constitutional defects with the newly passed health reform law!)

While our initial focus had been to replace the two officials who, in essence, run the state from the “inside,” we did not want to pass up this opportunity to endorse a candidate who would moderately represent us on the “outside,” in Washington, especially since this Senatorial election won’t be held for another six years. Senators may not be as visible as state officials, but their decisions regarding the values spelled out in our mission statement equally affect our daily lives.

We are very pleased Orman threw his hat in the ring. It lets us put forth a more complete roster of candidates who could truly begin changing the direction of Kansas. We hope you agree.

Lynn Stephan
Convention Co-chair

P.S. Greg could be Kansas’ best shot at helping to prevent a right-wing take-over of the U.S. Senate.